Mission & Vision

The vision of BU is to develop and nurture talent with modern knowledge to meet the national needs in global perspective. To ensure a knowledge-based society and to meet the challenges of 21st century, it extends its focus on high standard quality education, innovation, discovery, research and creative activities. Thus it will be able to generate capable and ethical leaders who will lead the nation and the globe as well. BU is committed to reflecting the values and aspirations of the nation.

The primary mission of BU is to ensure quality higher education at a minimum cost especially for the financially backward group of people. It is keen to expand information technology to help build up a digital Bangladesh. Through co-curricular activities, combining knowledge and training along with ethical values, it wants to create a patriotic community that will feel the urge within to serve the nation and the humanity. Our mission is to create future leaders that can contribute to change the nation for better tomorrow.