Syllabus of Business Administration

BBA Program (New Curriculum) (Start Spring 2017)

1st Semester

Course Code Subjects
BUS-1101 Basic English Language-I
BUS-1102 Business Mathematics
BUS-1103 Introduction to Business
BUS-1104 Computer Fundamentals

2nd Semester

Course Code Subjects
BUS-1201 Functional English Language-II
BUS-1202 Principles of Management
BUS-1203 Financial Accounting
BUS-1204 Principles of Marketing

3rd Semester

Course Code Subjects
BUS-1304 Bangladesh Studies & Historical Profiles
BUS-1301 Business Communication
BUS-1302 Micro Economics
BUS-1303 Business Statistics

4th Semester

Course Code Subjects
BUS-2101 Business Law & Legal Environment
BUS-2102 Macro Economics
BUS-2103 Auditing
BUS-2104 Management Information System & IT

5th Semester

Course Code Subjects
BUS-2201 Business Ethics
BUS-2202 Principle of Financial Management
BUS-2203 Production and Operation Management
BUS-2204 Human Resource Management

6th Semester

Course Code Subjects
BUS-2301 Industrial Relations
BUS-2302 International Trade
BUS-2303 Economic Development and Planning
BUS-2304 Cost & Management Accounting

7th Semester

Course Code Subjects
BUS-3101 Income & Corporate Taxation
BUS-3102 Industrial Psychology
BUS-3103 Organizational Behavior
BUS-3104 Entrepreneurship Development

8th Semester

Course Code Subjects
BUS-3201 International Organizations & NGOs
BUS-3202 Economic Geography
BUS-3203 Marketing Management
BUS-3204 Insurance and Risk Management

Major: 9th, 10th and 11th Semester

Major in Finance

Course Code Subjects
FIN-3301 Capital Budgeting
FIN-3302 Investment & Portfolio Management
FIN-3303 Corporate Finance
FIN-4101 Money & Banking
FIN-4102 Financial Institution and Markets
FIN-4103 Micro Finance & Micro Credit
FIN-4201 International Financial Management
FIN-4202 Financial Reporting
FIN-4203 Real Estate Finance

Major in Marketing

Course Code Subjects
MKT-3311 Physical Distribution & Marketing Channel
MKT-3312 Advertising and Promotional Management
MKT-3313 Sales and Salesmanship Management
MKT-4111 Consumer Behavior
MKT-4112 International Marketing
MKT-4113 Marketing Research
MKT-4211 Service Marketing
MKT-4212 Strategic Marketing
MKT-4213 Brand Management

Major in Human Resource Management

Course Code Subjects
HRM-3321 Career Planning and Development
HRM-3322 Human Resource Planning
HRM-3323 Advanced Training & Development
HRM-4121 Strategic Human Resource Management
HRM-4122 International HRM
HRM-4123 Human Resource Information Systems
HRM-4221 Organizational Development Change
HRM-4222 Compensation Management
HRM-4223 Conflict Management

Major in Accounting

Course Code Subjects
ACN-3331 Auditing - II
ACN-3332 Income and Corporate Taxation-II
ACN-3333 Advanced Financial Accounting
ACN-4131 Managerial Accounting
ACN-4132 Accounting Information Systems
ACN-4133 Cost Accounting - II
ACN-4231 Budget and Insurance
ACN-4232 Bank and Insurance Accounting
ACN-4233 Working Capital Management

Major in Management

Course Code Subjects
MGT-3341 Advanced Management
MGT-4142 Project Management
MGT-3342 Total Quality Management
MGT-4143 Management Practices
MGT-3343 Advanced Human Resource Management
MGT-4242 Comparative Management
MGT-4243 Organizational Development Change
MGT-4141 Bank Management

Combined Courses for 9th, 10th & 11th Semester Including Major :

Course Code Subjects
BUS-3304 Strategic Management & Business Policies
BUS-4104 Research Methodology
BUS-4204 Feasibility Study & Report

12th Semester

Course Code Subjects
BUS-4301 Internship