Course Curriculum B. Pharm (Hons)

Course Curriculum for B. Pharm. (Hons.)

The degree of Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons.) in Bangladesh University is a four year program divided into eight semesters. Student will have to complete courses covering 163 credits. The curriculum is designed to ensure that the students are provided with both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Total Credit: 163

Core Courses: 150 Cr.

General Education Courses (GEC): 13 Cr.


First Year Semester – I

Course codeCourse TitleCredit
PGC-1001Bangladesh Studies03
PGC-1002Computer Skill03
PGC-1003Basic English Language -I02
PHA-1101Introduction to Pharmacy02
PHA-1102Inorganic Pharmacy -I03
PHA-1102PInorganic Pharmacy -I Practical01
PHA-1103Organic Pharmacy03
PHA-1103POrganic Pharmacy Practical01


First Year Semester – II

Course codeCourse TitleCredit
PGC-1004Basic English Language -II02
PGC-1005Mathematics & Statistics03
PHA-1202Inorganic Pharmacy -II03
PHA-1202PInorganic Pharmacy -II Practical01
PHA-1204Physical Pharmacy -I03
PHA-1204PPhysical Pharmacy -I Practical01
PHA-1220Physiology -I03
PHA-1220PPhysiology -I Practical01
PHA-1221Pharmacognosy -I03
PHA-1221PPharmacognosy -I Practical01
PHA-1000Viva- voce01


Second Year Semester – I

Course codeCourse TitleCredit
PHA-2104Physical Pharmacy -II03
PHA-2104PPhysical Pharmacy -II Practical01
PHA-2110Basic Pharmaceutics02
PHA-2120Physiology -II03
PHA-2120PPhysiology -II Practical01
PHA-2121Pharmacognosy -II03
PHA-2121PPharmacognosy -II Practical01
PHA-2122Basic Pharmacology02
PHA-2123Pharmaceutical Microbiology -I03
PHA-2123PPharmaceutical Microbiology -I Practical01


Second Year Semester – II

Course codeCourse TitleCredit
PHA-2205Pharmaceutical Analysis & QC-I03
PHA-2205PPharmaceutical Analysis & QC -I Practical01
PHA-2206Biomolecular Pharmacy -I03
PHA-2211Pharmaceutical Technology -I03
PHA-2211PPharmaceutical Technology -I Practical01
PHA-2220Physiology -III02
PHA-2223Pharmaceutical Microbiology -II02
PHA-2223PPharmaceutical Microbiology -II Practical01
PHA-2224Pharmacology -I03
PHA-2224PPharmacology -I Practical01
PHA-2000Viva- voce01


Third Year Semester – I

Course codeCourse TitleCredit
PHA-3105Pharmaceutical Analysis & QC -II03
PHA-3105PPharmaceutical Analysis & QC -II Practical01
PHA-3106Biomolecular Pharmacy-II02
PHA-3111Pharmaceutical Technology -II03
PHA-3111PPharmaceutical Technology -II Practical01
PHA-3112Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics -I03
PHA-3112PBiopharmaceutics& Pharmacokinetics -I Practical01
PHA-3124Pharmacology -II03
PHA-3124PPharmacology -II Practical01
PHA-3125Herbal Medicine02


Third Year Semester – II

Course codeCourse TitleCredit
PHA-3207Medicinal Chemistry -I03
PHA-3207PMedicinal Chemistry -I Practical01
PHA-3211Pharmaceutical Technology -III03
PHA-3211PPharmaceutical Technology -III Practical01
PHA-3212Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics -II03
PHA-3212PBiopharmaceutics& Pharmacokinetics -II Practical01
PHA-3213Hospital & Community Pharmacy03
PHA-3224Pharmacology -III03
PHA-3000Viva- voce01


Fourth Year Semester – I

Course codeCourse TitleCredit
PHA-4107Medicinal Chemistry -II03
PHA-4107PMedicinal Chemistry -II Practical01
PHA-4108Advanced Pharmaceutical analysis -I03
PHA-4108PAdvanced Pharmaceutical analysis -I Practical01
PHA-4114Pharmaceutical Engineering03
PHA-4115Pharmaceutical Biotechnology03
PHA-4116Pharmacy Law and Ethics03


Fourth Year Semester – II

Course codeCourse TitleCredit
PHA-4207Medicinal Chemistry -III03
PHA-4208Advanced Pharmaceutical Analysis -II03
PHA-4217PCosmetology Practical01
PHA-4218Pharmaceutical Marketing & Management03
PHA-4227Clinical Pharmacy03
PHA-4002In Plant Training00
PHA-4000Viva- voce01