The academic year of Bangladesh University consists of Tri-semester and Bi-semester Systems.

The academic year of Tri-semester of BU comprises of three semesters:

  • Spring Semester: January – April
  • Summer Semester: May – August
  • Fall Semester: September - December

The duration of each semester is 15 weeks - 13 weeks for classes and 2 weeks for midterm examinations, recess and final examinations. An additional week is needed for script examination and grading, and for processing and publication of results.

The academic year of Bi-semester of BU comprises of two semesters:

  • Spring Semester : March – August
  • Fall Semester : September –February

Each semester is of 18 working weeks which is divided into classes, preparatory leave and semester midterm and final examination. Apart from 18 working weeks, the University remains open for Make up(Retake) and Improvement Examination, result, admission of students in the 1st semester of 1st year and for works related to industrial training etc.