Admission FAQs

Q. How will I get the admission information about BU?

The admission information is available in the followings:
i) BU website (
ii) The Admission Section, BU (Phone: 8117951 or 01755559301,01744291258)

One can also get admission information by sending their queries at the e-mail address:

Q. How many semesters are offered yearly in BU and when do they start?

BU offers 3 semesters for Tri Semester a year: Spring, Summer & Fall and these starts in February, June & October respectively and also offers 2 semesters for Bi Semester a year: Spring & Fall and these starts in March & September respectively.

Q. What Undergraduate programs does BC University offer? How many credits do I have to complete per program?

The available Undergraduate programs with credits are as follows:

BBA 135 credits
BA (Hons) English 126 credits
LL. B (Hons) 132 credits
BBS (Hons) Sociology 144 credits
BSS (Hons) Economics 138 credits
B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics 132 credits
B.Sc (Hons) CSE 161 credits
B.Sc (Hons) CSE 140 credits (For Diploma Holder)
B. Pharm (Hons) 163 credits
Architecture 198 credits
B. Sc EEE 157 creditss
B. Sc EEE 138 credits (For Diploma Holder)

Q. What Postgraduate programs does BC University offer? How many credits do I have to complete per program?

The available Postgraduate programs with credits are as follows:
MBA (Reg) 60 credits
MBA (Exe) 48 Credits
MBA For BBA Holder 36 credits
MA English 36 credits
MA English 63 credits (2 years)
LL.M 36 credits
LL. M 60 credits (2 years)
LL.B (Degree) 66 credit

Q. How can I apply?

Applicants are required to have a look on the BU website to have precise information about it.

Q. Do the applicants apply only online, in person, by written application?

Applicants can apply only online for admission.

Q. Is the application process the same for international applicants?

There is no separate application process for international students. International applicants are required to apply in the same way as local applicants do.

Q. How can I calculate my GPA of ‘O’/‘A’ levels for the admission application in BU?

Our requirement for undergraduate programs is to have a minimum GPA of 2.5 in ‘O’ Level and ‘A’ Level. For ‘O’ level best 5 subjects and ‘A’ level best 2 subjects will be counted. The grade will be calculated according to BC University scale: A=5, B=4, C=3 and D=2. Subjects with E Grade will not be considered. It is to be noted that applicants must fulfill subject-wise requirements.

Q. How much is the admission application fee?

Local Applicants need to pay the non-refundable application fee Tk. 500.

Q. How can I pay admission application fee?

Applicants can pay their admission application fee (Tk. 500) through-
UCBL, Mohammadpur Branch,
Prime Bank, Asad Gate Branch.

Q. How many years of work experience do applicants require to apply for the EMBA program?

Those who have minimum 2 years professional work experience (After graduation) can apply for EMBA Program.

Q. How can I get information about the scholarship/financial aid in BU?

Regarding all information about Financial Aid, please contact:
The Admission Section, Bangladesh University.

Q. Does BU accept any credits completed in other educational institution?

Transfer of credits from an educational institution with a system similar to BU may be considered after admission. Such candidates will have to apply with required documents and are subject to credit transfer rules of BU.

Q. Is there any evening class for undergraduate programs?

There is no evening shift for undergraduate programs except Diploma Holders.

Q. Is there any evening class for postgraduate programs?

All the classes of Post graduate programs are held in the evening shift.

Q. How can I change my department?

To change department, you need to collect a department change form from the admission office; then you need both chairpersons’ (current dept. and desired dept.) signature on the form. After that, go to the admission office again for submitting the form.

Q. Are there any hostel facilities in BU?

Hostel facilities are provided only to current male & female students and seats are subject to availability

Q. For further information who should I contact?

For more queries, please contact: Admissions Section, 15/1 Iqbal road , Bangladesh University. You can also send e-mail at