An open lecture was held on AI & Architecture by Ashik Vaskor Mannan (Associate Professor, Dept. of Architecture, AIUB) on 8th June afternoon, in the BU central hall.
Study on ‘History of Architecture’ is always a regular and must learning discipline for architectural education. But how much do we focus on ‘future Architecture’-even though architecture is not only for the past but always deals with the future living? We are now living in the age of Artificial Intelligence. The field of AI is something where machines can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. This Artificial intelligence is everywhere – from the apps on our phones to the algorithms of search engines. Explaining what AI is and how it works, the lecture addresses how different manifestations of AI will impact the discipline and profession of architecture. This lecture presents an introduction to the use of neural networks in architecture, arguably the first genuinely 21st century design technique. It explains how neural networks operate and is illustrated with some of the most stunning examples of AI generated design work throughout the world. It also includes the AI experiments with some architecture of Bangladesh for the first time. This lecture goes on to ask whether there is a dark side to AI, and whether it’s extraordinary potential might threaten the future of the architectural profession. The philosophical debate has already been addressed in certain progressive schools of architecture and that is beginning to spread into mainstream architectural culture.