Architectural Graphics workshop (Season 1)

For the last two years, during the pandemic time, the architecture students in our department have suffered a lot, especially in the design studio and semi-sessional. In these circumstances, we would take some initiative to improve our students' drawings and presentation skills.


Through this workshop, students can correctly draw a structure's basic plan, section, and elevation. The workshop's main focus would be architectural presentation drawing preparation. After completing the workshops, students can learn line thickness, visual contrast of drawings, use of different rendering techniques, labeling of pictures, drawing scale perception, drawing placement, and composition in sheets. The two day workshop had two sessions each day first part will be the discussion, and the second part will be drafting by hand.

Workshop dates: 14 and 15 September 2022

Venue:    Room no 101, 102, Department of Architecture

Time:      Session 1 (10.00 am – 11.30 am) Session 2 (12.00 am- 1.30 pm)