Academic Policies

Class and Examination Schedules are specified in Academic Calendar of the university. Information about year and semester wise course distribution has been included in the respective section of this catalog and also available in the university website.

Lesson Plan

At the beginning of the semester, each faculty member will submit a lesson plan with statement of the program of evaluation of students’ performance by way of essays, tests examination, seminar presentations along with the relative weight of these methods in relation to the overall grade and the timing of each major evaluation.

Class Attendance

The students are required to attend at least 70% of the classes held in each course in a semester. Failing which they will not be allowed to sit for the Semester Final Examination. However, the authority may condone the shortage of requisite percentage on grounds acceptable to the authority.

Coding system in Final Examination

In order to attain transparency Final Examinations are conducted on the basis of coding system. In this system answer scripts are coded so that no examiners will be able to identify any student. Moreover, all answer scripts are evaluated in the university premises within a stipulated time and results are uploaded on the software immediately after the evaluation of answer scripts to publish results in a shortest possible time. And thereby transcripts and certificates be issued to the outgoing students without any delay.

Credit Hours System

The academic system of study of BU is based on credit hours. Three credit hours theory course represents two lecture per week per semester. Duration of each class is of one and half hours. Two credit hours theory course represents one lecture per week per semester. The duration of each class is of one and half hours. One 1.5 credit hours lab course represents one lab class per week per semester. Duration of each lab class will be of three hours. Credits are also assigned to project/thesis work taken by students. The amount of credits assigned to such work may vary from discipline to discipline.

Distribution of Marks

The distribution of marks in class participation, mid-term and semester final examination will be as follows:

SI.Academic Activities% Marks
  •  Class attendance
  • Assignment, class test, presentation, quizzes etc. 



 ii Midterm Examination 30%
 iv Final examination 50%
 Total 100 %

Mid term and Final Examinations

The university has a high ethical standard and concerted efforts made to conduct all examinations by fair means.  20% of marks is allotted for continuous assessment, 30% of marks is allotted for Midterm Examination and remainder 50% of marks is allotted for Final Examination. Midterm Examination of one and half hour duration is conducted by individual department and Final Examination of two hour duration is conducted centrally by Controller of Examinations .The students are evaluated by their teachers, especially when they give tests, quizzes and tutorials during the class hour. Conducting Mid-term Examination and Final Examination is a collective enterprise.

Makeup (Missed/Failed) Examinations

A student who has failed to set for either Mid-Term or Semester Final Examination or both for serious illness or death or accident in the family or other valid reasons may submit an application to the Head of the Department for Makeup/Retake Examination. This application must be supported by valid documentary proof. A student has to apply to the Controller of Examinations on prescribed form through concerned Head of the Department paying prescribed fees as determined by the competent authority.

Improvement Examination(s)

Student(s) obtaining C+ and below grade in any course(s) are eligible to sit for Improvement Examination. The concerned student(s) will have to re-register the course(s) and sit for the said examination(s) with the next batch on payment of improvement fees. However, for Lab/ Practical/ Sessional courses/Viva-voce, no Improvement Examination(s) will be entertained.

Dropout Course(s) [due to disciplinary action]/ Recourse(s) Examinations

For dropout (due to disciplinary action) course(s), a student shall have to re-registrar & re-course the dropout course(s) and attend the classes accordingly and will sit for the examination(s) with the next batch paying re-course examination fee(s) for the course(s).

Grading and Performance Evaluation

Grading System

The final course grade is being prepared based on an overall evaluation of a student’s performance in assignments, examinations, quizzes, case works, term papers, laboratory tests and class attendance. Each course teacher determines the grade of the student concerned.

 Calculation of GPA/CGPA

A system of Letter Grade marking is used for the purpose of evaluation of a student’s performance in a course.   A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C and D are considered as passing grades. F is a failing grade. Besides, `I’ stands for (incomplete), W (withdrawal), R (repeat). Credits for courses with these grades (F, I, W) do not apply towards graduation and are not used for the calculation of the Grade Point Average (GPA) .

Earned Grade Points : Obtained grade points in a course× credit hours of the course.

Grade point Average (GPA) : GPA is the average of earned grade points of a student in a semester and

CGPA is the average of earned grade points of a student in the courses completed in all semesters

including the final last semester i.e GPA and CGPA


For example, if a student passes/completes three courses in a semester having credit hrs of C1, C2, C3 and obtains grade points in the these course G1, G2, G3 respectively then:

In the transcript, only the Letter Grade and the corresponding Grade Points (not the numerical Grade) will be shown.

For calculating CGPA, the numerical equivalence of grades is set as below: This is in accordance with the uniform grading system introduced by University Grants Commission.

Numerical GradeLetter GradeGrade point
80-100 A+ 4.00
75-79 A3.75
70-74 A-3.50
 65-69 B+ 3.25
 60-64 B 3.00
 55-59 B- 2.75
 50-54 C+ 2.50
 45-49 C 2.25
 40-44 D 2.00
Less than 40F0.00

Grades without numerical value

P: Pass

I: Incomplete

W: Withdrawal

Incomplete Grade

An incomplete letter grade `I’ will be given only when the student has been in regular attendance and has done satisfactory work and has furnished proof to the instructor within two weeks of the end of the term that the work cannot be completed because of illness or other circumstances beyond the student’s control. An incomplete grade not made up by the end of the next term shall be converted to the grade of 0.00 (F) by the Controller of Examinations.

Change of Grade

Within 1(one) year of the awarding of the grades, final grades may be changed by the faculties on a grade form, only if there has been an error in computation. The grade change must be approved by the Head of the Department.


The grade (W) is assigned when a student officially drops a course within the date mentioned in the academic calendar of the semester.

Repeating Courses

If a student fails to get a passing grade in a course, he/she will be awarded an ‘F’ grade and will have to repeat the course on payment of fees. The student must re-take a failing course when offered after paying the necessary fees and must also successfully complete the course. The grade earned on the retake will be shown in the transcript along with ‘F’ grade earned in the first time the course was taken. But the grade earned on the course (s) repeated will be substituted for “F” in computing CGPA. A course can be retaken only once. Improvement of course grade will only be allowed to students with C, D or F after payment of prescribed fees.

Academic Standing

 For graduate program, a student must maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.25 to remain in good standing. Student of under-graduate program with CGPA between 1 and 2 after the first two semesters will be placed on probation for the next two semesters. If students placed on probation fail to raise their CGPA to at least 2, after the probation period they will face dismissal from the course. If a student’s CGPA falls below 2, he/she will again be placed on probation.

Leave of Absence

A leave of absence may be granted to a student up to three semesters. But the student must be in good academic standing (not on academic probation or subject or dismissal). A student applying for such leave must mention a definite semester for re-registration and must register within three semesters of the date of leaving university. Only one leave of absence can be granted. A leave of absence is granted through the office of the Head of the Department. A student who does not return for registration during the specified semester will be classified as official withdrawal and must apply for re-admission through the administration office.

Online Result

Online Results are generated by the departments concerned in the Student Management System from where every registered student can observe his/her result/progress soon after the conclusion of each semester.

Re-checking of a script

If a student is not satisfied with the grade in a course after result is published on online, following procedure would be followed:

(1) he/she can make a written appeal to the Controller of Examinations for Re-checking his/her specific answer script(s) after payment of predetermined fee(s).

(2) The Controller of Examinations, with prior approval of V.C, shall send the script to the Head of concerned department.

(3) The Head will arrange to re-check the script(s) to see whether any error is made and whether any portion(s) is not evaluated by mistake and correct the grade, if necessary & the revised final grade may be recorded.

(4) The appeal must be made within three weeks after grade is first published.

Degree Requirements

The minimum CGPA (cumulative Grade Point Average) is 2.25 on a scale of 4 for obtaining a Degree.


 Transcripts covering result(s) of one/more than one semester or of all semesters studied and completed by a student may be supplied to a student on his/her demand on payment of predetermined fee(s). Each transcript shall bear the embossed Bangladesh University Monogram.

Provisional/Original Certificate

A student having completed all his/her courses as well as duration of his assigned program shall be entitled to have his/her Provisional/Original Certificate as the case may be on payment of predetermined fee(s). No student shall be issued Provisional/Original Certificate unless he/she completes the required duration of the program.

Procedure for withdrawal of Certificate

A student willing to obtain his/her Certificate (Provisional/Original) is required to fill up a prescribed Proforma and submit all necessary papers & Bank payment receipt with it. He /she must also submit clearance certificate from Library and Accounts section.

Unfair Means & Disciplinary action

a. Unfair Means in Exam Halls

The following are considered as unfair means:

   (Students are clearly warned against adoption of unfair means during examinations or assignments.)

  1. Communicating with one another.
  2. Possession of any incriminating document whether used or not
  3. Copying from another student’s script/report/ paper.
  4. Copying from desk or palm of the hand or from other incriminating document.
  5. Any approach in direct or indirect form to influence teacher concerning grade.
  6. Using abusive language or holding out threats to the invigilator.
  7. Creating disturbance or obstruction inside the Examination Hall.
  8. Unruly behavior which disrupts academic discipline / program.

b. Disciplinary action

There result of a student may be withheld at the report of an invigilator or course teacher for adopting unfair means. Adoption of unfair means may also lead to expulsion of the student from the program and the university. Necessary punitive measures in this regard will be taken in the meeting of a committee constituted by the authority.

Appeal against punishment

If a student is aggrieved by an order of punishment awarded by the authority as per decision of the Disciplinary Committee, he/she may file an appeal before the Vice Chancellor within 01 (one) month of passing such an order. The Disciplinary Committee and Vice Chancellor shall, as an appellate authority, review the case and pass such order as thought proper and just.