Impact of Air Pollution on Child Health

25% of citizens of Dhaka are victims of air pollution.

Bangladesh University (BU) Urban Lab has conducted a research on “Impact of Air Pollution on Public Health” in Dhaka. BU and Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) jointly organized an event on Thu, March 31, 2016 at Krishibid Institute of Bangladesh to disseminate the findings.

Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation, Mr. Annisul Huq was present as Chief Guest. He emphasized the measures taken by the Government and City Corporation to improve the environment. He opined that only government measures are not sufficient. The citizens of Dhaka should also come forward and join together in civic activities. DNCC has already launched “Green Dhaka, Clean Dhaka” campaign to reduce the harmful effects of pollution. He added that 3,25,000 saplings will be planted in Dhaka within 2 years. He expressed the hope that within 2 years, the citizens of Dhaka will be able to see a more sustainable city.

Mr. Jamil Azher, Chairman, Board of Trustees of BU highlighted the activities of BU Urban Lab in the area of Transportation, Pollution, and Smart City. Noted Urban expert & environmentalist, Architect Iqbal Habib described the state of air pollution in Dhaka as well as possible remedial measures.

The keynote speaker, Prof Ruhul Amin, Professor of Pulmonology, Dhaka Shishu Hospital, pointed out that air pollution is the main cause for massive increase in lung diseases. Number of patients suffering from Bronchitis, Pneumonia, COPD, and Asthma are increasing day by day, primarily due to the harmful effects of air pollution. He also presented the main finding on the research done by BU Urban Lab -- 25% of the people living in Dhaka have abnormal lung function. This conclusion was reached after testing over 500 people across age groups, gender, and localities.

National Professor Brig. (Retd) Abdul Malik, Founder of National Heart Foundation, spoke on the negative impact of air pollution on the entire human body, including lungs, heart, and liver. He also described the health damage sustained by pregnant women.

A website- ‘’ was inaugurated by DNCC Mayor Mr. Annisul Huq. The website will provide information on air pollution and environmental issues in Dhaka.

Doctors from private and public medical colleges, officers of Dhaka City Corporation, Members of Board of Trustees, Teachers, and Students of Bangladesh University were also present in the program.

Impact of air Pollution Presentation
Lung Function Research Results
Impact of air Pollution on public health