Campus Life

BU is a thriving campus and community sitting on 1.7 acres of flatlands. Living at BU brings surprises and new experiences every day, in an extraordinary community of creative and accomplished people from around the country.


Arts & Culture

BU has a rich tradition of fostering creativity and arts, and a massive construction work is now on way for its permanent campus.


BU Club

BU students compete in 5 sports and cultural clubs. Students, faculty and staff also enjoy state-of-the-art recreational facilities and fitness programs.

  • Sports club
  • Cultural club
  • Computing club
  • Pharmacy club
  • Debating club

Student Life

BU is a university with over 6,500 students on campus. Students have access not only to extraordinary campus resources but also many cultural and outdoor attractions.

  • Student Affairs
  • Graduate Life
  • Religious Life

Campus Safety

Campus safety is ensured 24 hours by its own security force and police from Government.


Sports facilities

BU campus has the necessary infrastructure for students who wish to play football, cricket, table tennis, carom, handball, volleyball, or badminton. However, students will have to bring their own sports equipment, such as balls, bats, rackets etc.

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