Day-long Workshop held at Bangladesh University

A day-long Career workshop was held at Bangladesh University (BU), one of the premier universities of the country.
The workshop organized by Bangladesh University was fully supported by the online platform iSocial Limited.

BU Registrar Brig. General Md. Mahbubul Haque (retd) officially inaugurated the day-long workshop at the permanent campus of the university on Thursday (29 September 2022) at 10 in the morning. In addition to the Heads of various departments, senior officials of BU and associates of iSocial limited were present on the occasion. The workshop continues till 3 pm.

Bangladesh University Registrar Md. Mahbubul Haque pointed out in the opening speech of the ceremony that the main goal of students should be to build a suitable career. And for that every student should be attentive in their study. Apart from reading textbooks, one must also participate in various educational workshops, seminars including other curricular and co-curricular activities to gain skills and experience.

The workshop was divided in to five sessions CV Writing, Excel Training, Career Discussion, Spot Survey and Data Sense Discussion. Architect Iqbal Habib, Dr. Ananya Raihan and Monira Rahman participated in the discussion. They discussed the students' communication skills, time and team management and professional skills in the field of employment.

They said, it has never been easier for graduates to go into the profession of their choice. Earlier there was less competition but job opportunities were limited. But nowadays the workplace of graduates is spread all over the world. So their main responsibility is to make themselves competent. Students need to acquire technical knowledge to survive in the competition. Our graduates are succeeding in their workplaces. He urged the students to engage in co-curricular activities instead of CGPA dependent studies.

The day-long workshop is conducted both online and offline. About two hundred students participated in the workshop.