Department of Economics Visited Bangladesh Bank

Department of Economics, Bangladesh University undertook an academic visit to Bangladesh Bank as part of its annual extracurricular activities. Professor Dr. Md. Tajul Islam, Head of the Department, Rita Saha, Senior Lecturer and Coordinator, Karisma Tabassum, Senior Lecturer, Moniruzzaman, Lecturer and Ahmed Javed Chowdhury, guest faculty of the department joined the senior students of the department to constitute the team. The objective of the visit was to get acquainted with the process of monetary policy formulation and other related issues of macroeconomic significance. The team was welcomed by Dr. Md. Habibur Rahman, the chief economist of BB along with executive directors, Dr. Md. Julhas Uddin and Dr. Md. Ezazul Islam and director Mrs. Rokeya Khatun. Besides having an excursion on the organization of the central bank, the team attended a presentation on "Contemporary Macroeconomic Scenario and the Role of Bangladesh Bank". Dr. Syed Ahmed, a director of the bank was the discussant. The session was hosted by Rokeya Khatun. Dr. Syed presented the contemporary macroeconomic scenario and went on to discuss the challenges lying ahead.  Dr. Md. Julhas Uddin and Dr. Md. Ezazul Islam also participated in the discussion to explain how monetary policy is formulated and how the process differs from what is done in the developed countries. The speakers also shed light on the present concerns about the banking system. That the working of an economy and managing it with appropriate and effective economic policies are much more complicated than what the textbooks describe was very clear to the students after the discussion concluded.

The bank hosted a lunch in honor of the visiting team.  The Department of Economics, the faculty members and the visiting students expressed their high gratitude and presented some souvenirs and mementoes to the bank authority for their cordial reception and sincere effort to make the visit successful and enjoyable.