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English is the premiere language in higher education in our country as well as many other countries of the world. Careers in different sectors including high ranking governmental positions, science and technology require good command over English. It is also a pre-requisite for the students who aspire for higher studies overseas.

About Department of English

The Department of English was opened in 2002-2003 academic year with only 13 students in the first batch. Now the department has about 400 students. The facilities and opportunities available in the department in particular, and the university in general are remarkable. There are 11 full time faculty members in our teaching team. With spacious classrooms, a rich library, a very modern language laboratory, constant counseling by the faculty members, facilities for annual excursion, sports, debates and participating in cultural programs, the English department is running smoothly and successfully.

Mission and Vision of the Department of English

Vision Statement:
The vision of the Department is to create an academic environment where learners would be self-motivated to learn world class English along with knowledge required to face the challenges of the new millennium at national & international levels and to achieve goal in conformity with the vision of BU.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to provide competent graduates & undergraduates with a solid foundation of ability in English language to make them the productive members of intellectual capital in the twenty first century to shape the future as leaders and who would be capable to avail themselves of better job opportunity in the domestic & global job markets.

Syllabus BA (Hons) for English Department

Course Index:
The students of different programs of this department have to follow the course schedule given inter ilia. Each course is symbolized by a 3 letter word ENG identifying the English department with a 4 digit number for the Course Code.

Syllabus MA for English Department

Syllabus MA for English Department

Department of English

Full Time Faculty Members of english Department

Full-Time Faculty Members list:

  1. Mr. Sheikh Alauddin (Sk.A)
  2. Debdas Biswas
  3. Md. Nesar Uddin
  4. Karishma Sobhan Prianka
  5. Farah Diba Yasmin

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