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On behalf of the Department of Sociology I would like to welcome to our departmental webpage. This department runs since 5th June, 2005 for achieving goals of Bangladesh University. The Department of sociology of Bangladesh University has the potential to become not only the leading sociology department in the country, but also in south Asia. It focuses on a complete education by training the students beyond the skills needed to perform in the job market. Sociology related education seeks to create a socially responsible person, endowing the student with the knowledge necessary to go about in the world. It allows one to know one’s culture, society and civilization as it enriches the soul and enhances humanity through the learning of the arts, history, music, literature, science, and philosophy.

About the Department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology has started functioning since June, 2005, keeping in view the demand of this discipline in Bangladesh. Sociology, as an emergent discipline is the driving force and the main determinant of the development in every society.Bangladesh University has always contributed in the development



The Sociological lens bestows analytical means for understanding, explaining and predicting human behavior. The department of Sociology runs with the following missions-

  • Committed to educating students about the realities of human social interaction from micro to macro level.
  • To provide analytical skills and the necessary scientific, interpretative and critical skills required to succeed in the workplace.
  • To develop our students’ ability to think sociologically
  • To provide sociology majors with a practical knowledge of sociological theory and research methodologies, knowledge to relevant issues of diversity, skills for research reports, skills related to seeking positions in the job market.
  • To foster a greater awareness and understanding of the social issues and sociological forces that affects us.
  • To generate knowledge, build stronger communities and promote understanding of social forces.

Syllabus of The Sociology Department

Total Courses & Credit Hours:

Bachelor of Social Science in Sociology Program consists of 48 courses having 144 credits hours. Core courses – 123 Credit Hours and GED – 21 Credit Hours.


Full Time Faculty Members of Sociology Department

Teachers List:

  1. Dr.M.M.Enamul Aziz
  2. Feroj-All-Mujahid
  3. Md.Rasel-Ud-Jaman
  4. Taslima Tanvin



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