About Department of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA Program)

The BBA program of Bangladesh University had been structured in such a way so that any business graduate of this university can compete, lead and guide the organization where he/she is an employee or owner. Our BBA program consists of Accounting, Management, Finance, Marketing, and Human Resource Management (HRM). The course curriculum of each discipline (Department) developed covering all the present and future challenges those a businessman will have to solve including the required competency in each of the above mentioned area.

The course designed and developed to adjust with the changing circumstances of the globalized 21st century; having room for accommodating students home and abroad.

Master of Business Administration (MBA Program)

The MBA Program of Bangladesh University represents an excellence of higher education in business. To impart quality higher education at the cheapest cost, the program has been developed and designed to encompass all the topics and challenges of 21st Century’s considering present and future happenings in the business World. The program consists of four major branches Accounting,Finance, Marketing, and Human Resource Management (HRM). It has opportunity for employed and self-employed students and personnel to study in evening shift. A galaxy of expert and experienced teachers and professionals perform the responsibility of imparting practical and theoretical knowledge. It is to be mentioned that the whole MBA program is divided into i) MBA Regular (60 credits), ii) MBA Executive (48 credits) and iii) MBA-BBA Holders (36 credits).

A mentionable number of MBA degree holders of Bangladesh University are performing the duties and responsibilities in the position executives from mid to top level of managerial hierarchy both in home and abroad.

The department of Business Administration has been running by a batch of extra ordinary talented young and experienced faculty members having degrees from home and abroad. The Organogram of the department shows presently existing faculty members including advisors of the department:

  1. ShalinaAzher, Honorable Advisor Business Administration and Member BoT, BU.
  2. Dr. Ashraf UddinChowdhury, Dean, Faculty of Business Administration and Economics.