Economics as a branch of human knowledge has been enriching itself in both depth and spread in the contemporary world. Complex modern life more and more resorts primarily to Economics to deal with questions like development and equity, ethics and moral, politics and culture, both in micro and macro levels. Down to earth issues like growth, inequality, poverty, health, pollution etc. are progressively emerging as core contents of the discipline. Excellence in higher education in economics constitutes therefore the vital ingredient of the nation building task. Department of Economics of Bangladesh University invites young dreamers to join the brigade of future nation builders who are being groomed here with utmost care and professionalism.


Established in the year 2003, Department of Economics offers four year honours degree of Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSS). The programme contains 111 credits in core courses and 27 credits in allied (GED) courses. The GED courses are taught by faculties from relevant departments, while departmental faculties offer economics as GED courses to other departments. From the very early days of its inception, the department has been being nurtured under the leadership of highly qualified faculties. The curriculum and syllabus of the program is continuously updated in order to remain relevant to the requirements of the country as well as to the demands of world academic standard. The programme strikes proper balance between qualitative and quantitative, as well as theoretical and applied contents. Some non-traditional challenging courses like ‘East Asian Studies’, ‘Economic Systems and Development Patterns’ etc. reflect the readiness of the department to be exceptional.

Mission and Vision of the Department of Economics

Vision of the Department

The vision of the department is to be recognized throughout the country as a centre of excellence in Economics discipline.

Mission of the Department

  • Enriching the department with experienced and nationally reputed faculties as well as with young talented graduates with high potentials
  • Offering high quality academic programs relevant to national needs and designed to give students a competitive advantage at job market and policy frontiers as responsible leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and professionals
  • Creating appropriate physical infrastructure commensurate with modern teaching, learning and research needs


Duration of the Program
The program BSS (Hons) in Economics requires 4 years of studies. Each year consists of three semesters while each semester is defined by fourteen academic weeks.


Full Time Faculty Members of ECONOMICS Department

  1. Dr. Md. Tajul Islam
  2. Rita Saha
  3. Karishma Tabassum
  4. Md. Moniruzzaman


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