Message from The Head

We are at a significant moment in time for careers in architecture and the design of built environments. As architects and designers, we have a responsibility to think globally, and use our gifts and abilities respectfully.

Our faculty is committed to providing our students with opportunities for knowledge concentration and specialization to build healthy and sustainable communities. The Architecture Department emphasizes design education through diverse experiences which include learning through making, collaborative research, and community engagement.

Our students in the Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) can chart multiple professional paths grounded in a cross-disciplinary degree. The students become an architect after passing successfully 5 years course and gained experience practically and theoretically before graduation.

Bachelor students study and collaborate with our faculty in research topics that include architecture, building technology, design computation and building simulation, health and wellness, urban design, culture, and behavior, and history, theory, and criticism in Architecture.

I invite you to join us and contribute to make positive changes in the built environment, promote the core strengths of our program, and become part of the Bangladesh University community.