Full Time Faculty Members of EEE Department

Full-Time Faculty Members:

No. Photograph Name & Designation Research / Number of Publication
2. 4  Dr. Md. Muhibbullah

Assit. Professor

M.Sc (RU), M.Phil (RU) & PhD (Japan)


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Research Interest:

Renewable Energies
1. Thin film solar cell
2. Sea wave power
3. Power from waste heat

Number of Publications: 23

Email: m.muhibbullah@bu.edu.bd
Phone: 01715182107

3.  10 Syed Khalid Rahman

Sr. Lecturer & Head (Acting)

B.Sc in EEE (AIUB),
M.Sc  in ICT(BUET) (on going)


Research Interest:

Signal Processing, Super-capacitor

Number of Publications: 7

Email: rahman.khalid@bu.edu.bd
Phone: 01711934243

4. 7  Tajrian Mollick

Sr. Lecturer

B.Sc in EECE (MIST),
M.Sc in ICT (IICT, BUET) (on going)


Research Interest:

Cognitive Radio, Optical Wireless Communication, Cooperative Network

Number of Publications: 4

Email: tajrian.mollick@bu.edu.bd
Phone: 01715219228

5. 8  Tabassum E Nur

Sr. Lecturer

B.Sc in EECE (MIST),
M.Sc in ICT( IICT, BUET ) (on going)


Research Interest:

Communication and Cognitive Radio Network

Number of Publications: 2

Email: coordinator.eee@bu.edu.bd,

Phone: 01982656602

6. 10 Md. Shahrier Hakim

Sr. Lecturer & coordinator

B.Sc. in EEE (KUET),
M.Sc. in Electrical Power Engineering,
(University of Greenwich, England)

Research Interest:

Smart Grid, Renewable Energy

Number of Publications: 3

Email: shahrier.hakim@bu.edu.bd
Phone: 01682491966

7. 11  Omar Sharif

Lecturer & coordinator

B.Sc. in EEE (BUET),

Research Interest :
Communication Systems, Power Systems

Email: omar.sharif@bu.edu.bd
Phone: 01911310680

8. 11  Neelanjana Subin Ferdous


B.Sc in EECE (MIST),
M.Sc in EEE (BUET)

Research Interest :