Registration Procedure

Registration Procedure
Before the beginning of a semester (Spring/Summer/Fall), students have to register for courses in consultation with Heads of Departments/the departmental Coordinator. The students have to select the appropriate courses & pay the required fees and register on SMS (Student Management System) for the semester.
Students may pre-register for the appropriate course at any time during an academic year. They may do so only in consultation with the Heads of Departments and the departmental coordinator. In any case, students have to be eligible for admission into the Degree Programs at Bangladesh University.

General Rules of Registration

  1.  A Registration is incomplete until taka 500 is paid for semester registration.
  2.  A student cannot register after the scheduled date of registration mentioned in the academic calendar except by special permission of the Dean of the concerned Faculty.
  3. To avoid paying late fee, students must register during the scheduled registration period.
  4. Registration for a semester is conducted in accordance with an academic calendar. It starts immediately preceding the commencement of classes and continues up to the second week of classes.
  5. Transfer students are provided with the opportunity to register in advance on specific registration days meant for new students.
  6. Mere attendance does not constitute registration in a class.
  7. Changes of courses can only be made through the processing of an official registration form.
  8. The total fees for each semester can divided into two halves. A half shall have to be paid 15 days before the semester midterm examination and other half 15 days before the semester final examination. Total fees for each semester can also be paid in one installment in advance. A student will not be registered online until fees are paid according to the schedule given above and will not also get admit card for examination.
  9. Students may not drop a course merely by stopping attending classes.

Readmission & Re-registration:
A student who is in good academic standing, but who does not register in a full academic year ( three/two consecutive semesters respectively for tri-/bi- semester), will have to take re-admission paying readmission fee afresh, re-register all the courses & attend classes accordingly with ongoing batch of students paying normal semester fees & other dues, if any