All the faculty members of the BU are engaged in creating new knowledge, and BU brings an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit to this work of discovery. Faculty members and senior students work collaboratively for solving the problems we are facing in different areas particularly in service and environment sectors and make meaningful contributions to our world.


Research at BU

The Research cell provides comprehensive information about the research enterprise at BU. Sufficient fund is always kept reserved for primary and secondary research projects.

Research Seminars

Bangladesh University (BU) is working hard to contribute to society through knowledge creating and sharing. To achieve this aim BU facilitates the “Monthly Seminar Series”. In this series 1-2 novel papers are presented by BU faculty members along with invited papers from outside BU. National and international experts from related fields are invited as discussants on the paper.

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Advising and Research (UAR) connects undergraduates with faculty to conduct research, advanced scholarship and creative projects.

  • Undergraduate Research

Dedicated Research Centers

Several independent labs, centers and institutes engage faculty members and students from across the university. Academic departments sponsor numerous other research labs.

  • Institutes, Centers and Independent Labs

Innovation Lab

Urban Research Lab

First Urban Research Lab has been set up at Bangladesh University, one of the leading private universities of the country. The Urban Lab at Bangladesh University conducts interdisciplinary research in the areas of environment, infrastructure, industry, energy, education, technology, and urban planning to create better cities of tomorrow. 


BU is enriched with more than 2 individual libraries, each houses a world-class collection of books, journals, films, maps, databases etc.